Megan Marlatt
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The Drawing Roll
The “Drawing Roll; Start Here, May 2010” is a pencil drawing on a 3 inch high by 165 foot long paper cash register roll. It began in May 2010 and depicts my travels through the summer, starting with a journey to Ireland and a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. Like Robert Barker, the Irish artist in 1787 who first patented the invention of the panorama, my paper cash register roll has served as the perfect device to maintain a continuous and unfolding narrative. I have discovered when drawing on such a strangely elongated format, that I only need unroll the paper and keep turning to my right to eventually circle and delineate a full 360 degrees of the landscape. The completed drawing is 40 foot in length, (shown here only in part), and continues through my small town of Orange, Virginia, a trip to New York City, to the Virginia mountains, back to Ireland, to Wyoming, to Spain, to Louisville, Ky, to the Baltic Sea, and on.