Megan Marlatt
"Bruges Bear and American Groundhog""Binche Carnival with Ensor Figure""Binche Carnival with Goya Fish""Belgian Carnival""King Carnival Balloon"Air: VornadoWater: Dystopian PoeFire: Ache, the Big HeadEarth: Rabbit"4 Birds""Big Head Dreams in the Night Sky""At Sea""2 Muses Sleeping Under a Scarlet Tanager"Bear and Bird in the Woods"Birds and Muses""Bird Battle""The 5 Second Rule in Wyoming""Wyoming Sagebrush Mountain""Cacarear""The Night We Walked Down Montserrat""Study of Bird Species""Holy Cow""Rabbits""Les Animaux, The Animals""Les Tetes, The Heads"
Current Paintings
Concerning the First Five Paintings:
This work was created during my Fulbright research grant to Belgium from Jan - July, 2018. There I studied the carnival culture of that country and how it related to their painters; Bosch, Bruegel and Ensor.

Concerning the Four Paintings of the Four Elements:
These paintings are sisters to the papier-mache’ big head masks that I have been creating for the last four years. I imagine them to be circus posters, announcing the masked visions that are either unrealized in my head or the big heads I’ve already made. These paintings set the masks’ stages and act out their possible narratives. In addition, the paintings respond to the present political dystopia and social turmoil we now find ourselves in. They reflect the migraines that stress and worries of instability induce, as well as the abuse political deniers afflict on our environment.